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Competition Rules

Videos can be created in 4 categories:

  1. Local history - the Jewish history of a chosen town

  2. Personal stories - life story of a chosen Jewish person or family

  3. Synagogue - the story of a chosen synagogue

  4. Traditions & culture – film about certain Jewish traditions, holidays, or other elements of culture.

The rules of the competition

Make sure that your video meets these requirements, otherwise we can not accept it!

  • The videos cannot be longer than 5 minutes.

  • In case of high school students, videos have to be in English or have to have English subtitles.

  • If you insert interviews of people, these sections can not be longer than 1 minute.

  • At the end of the film, include: the name of the school, the participating students and the teacher, as well as the age of the students.

  • For submitting, upload the films to YouTube and send the link to Tina Hemera at hemera(at)centropa.org by no later than 13. November 2020.

The best videos receive prizes!

1st place: a gift card for electronic equipment, value 500 EUR 

Runners-up: a gift card for electronic equipment, value 250 EUR 

Honorable mentions: cinema tickets 

The films will be evaluated by an international jury. Criteria for evaluation:

  1. Learning process: how much the students have learnt by making the video, the research they made, the accuracy of the information provided

  2. Creativity of the topic and the implementation

  3. Technical implementation: the quality of the video and the technology used


Competition Rules In Other Langueges



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