Galicija Jewish Museum

The Galicija Jewish Museum exists to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and celebrate the Jewish culture of Polish Galicia, presenting Jewish history from a new perspective. An innovative and unique institution located in Kazimierz, the Jewish district of Kraków, Poland, the Museum is a registered charity in Poland. The objectives of the Museum are to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions typically associated with the Jewish past in Poland and to educate both Poles and Jews about their own histories, whilst encouraging them to think about the future.

Association of Hungarian History Teachers

The Association of Hungarian History Teachers (TTE) promotes and safeguards all history teachers’ interests independently of which level they teach. Both Hungarian and foreign colleagues can join the organization.
The Association focuses its activities on various fields. We organize conferences, discussions, and workshops, give expert opinions, provide professional, pedagogical service for our members and safeguard our members’ interests. Its primary aim is to raise the level of history education through the teachers’ independent activities. It was founded in 1989. Its members come from all over the country, 1 from the capital. The total number of members is 427.

Multicultural Center Prague

The Multicultural Center Prague (MKC Prague) is a non-profit organisation engaged in the pursuit of educational and research activities in the fields of international migration, social inclusion of Roma, and global development. Founded in 1999, we have strived for a Czech society based on respect for human rights, political equality, and intercultural competence and understanding.


EDAH was founded in 2008. Our activities include research, production of educational films, organization of educational events aimed at acquainting the public with Jewish culture, identifying and maintaining Holocaust memorial sites at home and abroad, and promotional activities.



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